Teen Center

Keystone Club
Keystone Club is a leadership club for teens that have shown outstanding leadership qualities around our Boys and Girls Club. Keystone is hands down the most powerful and prestigious program that Boys and Girls Clubs of America offers for teens. Keystone Club is broken into three main focus areas career preparation, academic success, and service projects. Keystone members are expected to organize events and fundraisers fitting into three main categories; service to the club and service to the community.

This year the teens will be raising funds to support youth in Puerto Rico that have experienced great hardship because of the devastating hurricane.  Multiple fundraisers are planned for the year and if you are interested in helping with their efforts, contact Jalen Roberson at jalen@boysgirls.org.

Teen Late Night
Teen Late Night is a program to help keep teens off the streets every Friday night by providing them with a safe and fun but supervised place to hang out with their friends. We know that Friday night’s area night when some teens are going out to party’s where underage drinking and drug use can take place. We have found that given the opportunity teens will choose to come to the Club instead of hanging out on the streets or going to one of these parties.

Late night runs from 7pm to 10 pm every Friday night and is for any member age 13-18 yrs. Activities at late night include Basketball, movies, X-Box, music, dancing, and more.

Bridging the Gap
Bridging the Gap is sponsored by Montecito Bank & Trust designed to introduce teens to the world of finances. The fact is that teens in today’s world are growing up faster and faster. Soon they will be adults dealing with things such as jobs, car payments, rent or mortgage, investments, inflation, interest rates, and daily budgeting. Money Matters directly addresses these realities by bringing financial literacy to our teen members at the very time in their lives when they most need to develop these skills. Money Matters is broken into 5 main categories:
  • Budgeting and living within your means
  • Saving and investing: put your money to work
  • Planning for college: college is an investment
  • Credit and debt: protect your future
  • Entrepreneurship: making it on your own
  • Resume building
  • Plan for future career opportunities and job potentials
Jr. Staff
The Jr. Staff program is a program designed to employ teen members at our club. Jr. Staff receive a specific list of tasks to complete on each day that they work. This program helps to teach teens strong work ethic, time management, punctuality, and professionalism all while they gain valuable work experience. Jr. Staff is different from other teen programs because Jr. Staff are handpicked by Boys and Girls Club staff. Jr. Staff can either be paid with community service hours or even with a small amount of money.

Many of our teens who get picked to be Jr. Staff are members who have showed a desire to perform extra tasks around the club just to be helpful towards Club Staff. Other members get picked to become Jr. Staff because they have showed an interest in making some money in order to help out their parents because money is very tight at home. Some Jr. Staff who have excelled beyond expectations have used the Jr. Staff program in order to become paid permanent Boys and Girls Club employees as they have gotten older.

Big Buddies
Big Buddies is a program designed to get our older teen club members to mentor a younger club member. Throughout the course of this program big buddies will get to know more about their little buddies by doing many different fun projects together. Big Buddies will help their little buddy with homework, do art projects together, show them the importance of community service by cleaning up trash in our neighborhood, and just be a friend and a role model to their little buddy.

Culinary Club
The Culinary Club meets twice a month and head Chef Jason Banks teaches the teens basic cooking skills using simple low cost ingredients.  Each meal they prepare takes five or six ingredients and turns them into gourmet meals. The life skills they learn can be used at home or when they are on out on their own. 

Goals for Graduation
Goals for Graduation introduces members to academic goal-setting by linking their future aspirations with concrete actions today. The program’s recognition strategy is designed to give members constant, intentional encouragement as their successes are acknowledged and reinforced at every step of their journey.

The program uses one-on-one, small-group and large-group activities to support academic goal setting, learning and success in school. Members practice initial goal-setting on achievable goals with the leadership, guidance and encouragement of the Club’s staff. In goal-setting sessions, members set more challenging goals. Through this incremental goal-setting approach, members create an action plan with daily and weekly goals leading to short- and long-term academic gains.

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