Homework Help


In addition to the Library/Education Director who helps children with their homework, we have two one-on-one math tutors in the Library to work with those individuals needing help with math. Power Hour occurs Monday through Thursday. Computers are available in the Library for homework and research.

The "Galaxy of Readers” is a book club for those who enjoy reading. Books are selected according to grade level and/or reading ability. Upon finishing each book, children write a critique on the book, detailing events and what they like best about it. For every book they read, they receive a gold star on their name star. As they read more books and accumulate more stars, their name star will rise on the Galaxy of Readers poster in the Library. Prizes are awarded after a certain number of books have been read. For beginning readers, the Library Director will meet with them to ensure that they are learning to read correctly and are comprehending what they read. Depending on the availability of members, the Galaxy of Readers club will meet occasionally to share what’s been read. There are approximately 20 people currently participating in the reading club. The Program is aimed at encouraging our Boys and Girls Club members to read more, and enhancing the love of reading.

Various activity pages are available to those visiting the Library. Power Pages are designed to provide children with a fun way to learn as well as to boost and enhance academic skills. Pages are displayed in math, language arts, science, and general categories.

For each page of homework and Power Page the children complete, they earn jewels. They then can spend their jewels in the Jewel Store which is stocked with arts and crafts supplies/kits, school supplies, puzzles, games, and other toys.

A creative writing club has just been started at the Club. A wide range of people have signed up for this new activity so it has been split into two sections. Fourth graders and up are now meeting while 1st-3rd graders will start meeting in March. We will explore the world of words via poetry, story writing, and impromptu writings. Some expository writing will also be done, as this will help them with those skills needed in school.

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